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Featured Article: Lot, King of Lothian

Purefoy as Lot

James Purefoy as Lot in Camelot (TV)

Lot is the King of Lothian and father of Gawain in many Arthurian tales. In the romances, Lot is usually called “King of Orcanie” but is also often “King of Lothian and Orcanie”. In some accounts Lot is (or becomes) King of Norway.

In the pseudo-historical chronicles, King Loth reigns for all or most of King Arthur's reign, but in the romances he is sometimes said to be dead when the story occurs. In the Post-Vulgate accounts King Lot was killed early in Arthur's reign by King Pellinor, for which Gawain, King Lot's son, eventually kills King Pellinor.

In some acconts Mordred is King Lot's son, and in some accounts, King Arthur's son. Gawain’s other brothers and most of his supposed sisters are said to be King Lot's children or are usually assumed to be King Lot's children.

King Lot may, in origin, be identical to King Leudon, the king in the Incomplete Life of St. Kentigern, from whom Lothian gets its name.


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